Charisma School 1on1 Training

What do Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo have that you don’t?

No, not $100mm. They have something you could get today. But curiously, almost nobody does.

They all have coaches, trainers or mentors. They all have someone by their side helping them succeed and grow their talent even further. Even though they are the worlds best, there’s still someone right behind them.

And besides, the world’s best didn’t become that good on their own. They had help, lots of it.

They had many trainers and coaches over the years, on many different areas.

A good trainer can spot your problem areas and, since they’ve worked with tons of clients just like you, they can gently recommend strategies to help you overcome them…skyrocketing your success. While if you try to do the same alone, you can certainly do it, but it will take you 4 times as much time to spot the mistake and correct it. This is the same with whatever area you can work with from singing, to sports to hairdressers!

So why don’t we have trainers in our lives helping us to move forward and become the best we can be?

It’s certainly not about the money. We spend way more than the price it takes for a few coaching sessions on a new cell phone, tablet, flat screen TV or a new laptop. If you have any of those things, you can afford personal training. You just choose to give priority to those gadgets than your own improvement.

On most cases, we convince ourselves that we can do it alone even though we may be struggling for months or years with the same problems instead of just asking for an extra boost to someone who spend his life solving the same problems we have.

HERE’S THE POINT: You can do it on your own — and you should! But at a certain point, you’ll want a little extra help to become the very best. That’s the point of the Charisma School 1on1 Personal Training.

This training helps you develop your own Charisma and Personal Magnetism in order to attract, inspire and lead others. It doesn’t matter WHY do you want to attract, inspire and lead others. It can be to be promoted in your job, making more money, launch a successful company, be better at public speaking, spread your message, or simply to attract the opposite sex to you.

Either way, you must agree that Charisma is something that makes a substantial difference in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

If you weren’t already having troubles in this area, you wouldn’t be at this website. So allow a qualified trainer to help you with your issues. Isn’t it time to get rid of them?

Our goal in this training program called “Personal Charisma” is to increase the power of your personality and project it outward so that others will have no choice but to be fascinated by your presence. With it, you’ll develop a POWERFUL MAGNETIC PRESENCE. 

Other advanced training programs are available to existing clients that have already completed our initial training. And many of the exercises and techniques are not taught anywhere else aside from personal training (ie. they are not in any of the Charisma School courses or articles).

Unlike most courses (free or paid), the Personal Charisma 1on1 Sessions is done only by individual training. We discovered that’s it’s the absolute best way for developing charisma. Although we also gave Charisma Training in seminars, 90% of those who attended never actually took action to develop their charisma.

But, using individual training, the success rate is astoundingly high. In these personal training sessions, each session is tailored to your own unique needs and your individual goals so that you can achieve faster and long lasting confidence and charisma.

Everything is done by phone so you can do it at the comfort of your own home. No need to give up your friends, family, work, and hobbies to travel to distant lands to costly seminars, bootcamps or consultations – instead, expand your existing life exactly where you are, right now, with the powerful methods of Charisma School.

Personal Charisma 1on1 Sessions – 2 monthly 60m Sessions + Email Support

Two monthly 60 minutes phone sessions, with email access between sessions, gives you full support to radically transform your personal charisma. This will be an extreme makeover of your charismatic self. We have enough time to work on your charismatic blocks, to go deep into each Charisma Pillar and develop your charisma levels to your maximum degree. These sessions involve deep inner work, so only subscribe if you are ready for it. This is the more in depth training on Charisma currently on the market.

Cost: $297/month

(Although the training is pay-as-you-go, please consider a minimum of 6 month commitment for better results)


 If you have any questions about these programs or want to sign-up, please contact us

100% Money Back Guarantee


Charisma School gives an un-conditional money-back guarantee on these sessions.

If you have your first session, and you feel it really wasn’t worth what you paid, then you can ask for your money back within 30 days – and you’ll get it. Simple as that.

We would rather lose money, than take money from someone who wasn’t happy with our service.